We Are Humans

We are Humans is a charity organization with the mission to channel individual and business donations to people in need. We are offering a safe, easy and transparent way to support carefully verified and selected charity projects, to follow-up their progress and be sure your donation has reached the goal. Its for people Who want to help , Who can help and People who really need our help.

Your donation can help children to grow up, the elderly to prosper, your first school to receive a surprise and to realize many other charity purposes! Its not only about donation , its about each individual way of lifestyle, helping people , making the world a little better and going for good.


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Who we help?

Children, orphans, handycapped people and others who need our assistance.

How we help?

We bring goods, we donate and we renovate life's.

Why we help?

Because we know, that in the end We All are Humans.

Strict control for the donations is guaranteed. The project We Are Humans is a reliable partner to make this world a little better.